• Promoting school readiness skills

    Storyville’s goal is to provide developmentally appropriate play activities that will promote school readiness skills in all areas of childhood development.

  • Developing early literacy skills and reading

    Storyville will provide age appropriate books and materials to promote early literacy skills and reading with young children.

  • Encouraging parents as their child’s first teacher

    Storyville will be a place for parents and children to play and interact together.

What is Muskegon Storyville?

Muskegon Storyville is a child-sized village within the library that consists of seven themed areas of play and learning with developmentally appropriate books to promote early literacy. These areas include a children’s library, baby garden, toddler bay, construction area, home area, theatre, and a store with a post office.

Why is Muskegon Storyville needed?

32% of Muskegon County’s children currently live in poverty. Research shows that low-income children are more likely to be behind when they start school. Storyville will create new opportunities for ALL of Muskegon County’s 11,000 children under the age of five. Improving their chances for success as they enter school.

How You Can Help

The Storyville campaign is seeking $2 million in community philanthropy to support the effort to bring this early childhood literacy and school readiness attraction to the Norton Shores Branch of the Muskegon Area District Library. Please help us achieve this important goal.

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(Specific Fund: Storyville Capital Campaign)

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  • Children Under Age 5 Living in Poverty:

    Muskegon County – 32%   State of Michigan – 24%
    2010 Census

  • Births to Mothers with less than 12th Grade Education:

    Muskegon County – 18%   State of Michigan – 15%
    3-year average  2009-2011

  • Children Achieving 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency:

    Muskegon County – 63%  State of Michigan – 63%

  • Children Achieving 3rd Grade Math Proficiency:

    Muskegon County – 33%  State of Michigan – 41%

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