• Promoting school readiness skills

    Storyville’s goal is to provide developmentally appropriate play activities that will promote school readiness skills in all areas of childhood development.

  • Developing early literacy skills and reading

    Storyville will provide age appropriate books and materials to promote early literacy skills and reading with young children.

  • Encouraging parents as their child’s first teacher

    Storyville will be a place for parents and children to play and interact together.

Endorsement Council

Dave and Peg Alexander
Curt Babcock
Dana and Claudia Bryant
Carol Chaney*
Lee Coggin
Nancy and Don Crandall
Benjamin E. Cross*
Steve Edwards
Jon Felske
Jackie and Jim Fisher
Friends of Norton Shores
Liz Garman
DJ Hilson
Stuart Jones
Cindy Larson
Andy Maciejewski
Jeannette Mansfield*
Cindy Miller*
Muskegon County
Board of Commissioners
Dale Nesbary
John Noling
Garry Olson
Gary Ostrom
Stephen Parker
Dean Roesler
David Sipka
Roxie Westgate
Rillastine Wilkins
*Library Board Member

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