• Promoting school readiness skills

    Storyville’s goal is to provide developmentally appropriate play activities that will promote school readiness skills in all areas of childhood development.

  • Developing early literacy skills and reading

    Storyville will provide age appropriate books and materials to promote early literacy skills and reading with young children.

  • Encouraging parents as their child’s first teacher

    Storyville will be a place for parents and children to play and interact together.


What is Storyville?

Storyville is an interactive, early literacy learning center, a child-sized village within the library that consists of seven themed areas of play and learning with developmentally appropriate books. These areas include a children’s library, baby garden, toddler bay, construction area, home area, theatre, and a store with a post office.

Who will benefit from Storyville?

Every child from birth to five as well as their parents and/or guardians will benefit from Storyville. This is not a children’s museum where children only come to play. It is a place for parents and children to play and interact together, and for parents to be their child’s first teacher. It is also designed to promote early literacy and school readiness skills.

Why do we need Storyville?

Unfortunately, 32% of Muskegon County’s children currently live in poverty. Research shows that low-income children are much more likely to be behind when they start school, leading to an increase in the likelihood that they will drop out before they finish high school. Storyville will create new opportunities for ALL of Muskegon County’s 11,000 children under the age of five to develop their language, social and emotional skills. Improving their chances for success as they enter school will also lead to greater success as they develop through K-12 and beyond.

Why is Storyville in Norton Shores?

Simply put, the Norton Shores branch has room for the 3,000 square foot addition necessary for Storyville, and it is accessible via the county’s public transportation service. Current usage data also shows that this branch attracts patrons from throughout Muskegon County. It should be noted that although Norton Shores will be the hub for Storyville activities, Muskegon Area District Library plans to add materials that support this age group at all branches as space allows.

How much will Storyville cost taxpayers?

The $2 million in construction costs will be paid through private donations raised through our capital campaign. Ongoing operations expenses will be included in subsequent library budgets.

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